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132-question practice exam replicating the actual SLP Praxis!


Sign up now for our all-new Praxis 5331 practice examination! The exam is full-length, and each question replicates the actual Praxis in difficulty, style, and content area. Our rationales go in-depth, so you can study those tough topics without flipping through endless book pages.

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SLP Praxis Practice Exam Details:

  • 132-questions.
  • Timed, just like the Praxis.
  • Instant scaled score, so you can see how you would do on exam day.
  • Detailed rationales viewable any time after you complete your exam to help you better study.
  • You may attempt the exam up to five times.
  • 7-day 100% refund if you have not yet attempted the exam (note, once the exam has been attempted, no refunds will be issued).
  • 365-days unlimited access.


All questions are written to simulate your actual Praxis attempt!

Enhance your studying with detailed rationales to ensure complete understanding of Praxis content areas!


Common question: “Can we share the exam with more than one person?” Answer: No. Each student will receive an individual login and all exam attempts will be recorded so that particular student can better prepare with their unique strengths and weaknesses. We try to keep the cost as low as possible so EVERYONE can purchase their own exam. We do have GROUP DISCOUNTS, however!

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